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Why we should all love kitties!

Let's face it -- there are too many stressful and depressing things in this world. Sometimes what you need, really need, is to sit down and cuddle your favorite kitty. And sometimes you need the digital, online equivalent of that experience. That's where the Love Those Kitties! blog comes in. Our goal is to help you, our honored reader, feel wrapped in a furry feline hug.

What You'll Find Here

Here at Love Those Kitties! you'll find only family-friendly content that you can share with anyone in your family -- whether that be your favorite aunt, your grandmother, or a young child. In fact, we hope you'll curl up on a comfy couch with whoever is close to you and have a chuckle or sip some cocoa over our blog.

Posts include cat-oriented news, research on cats, personal anecdotes, and anything else up-beat that will comfort and inspire the inquisitive cat lover. Each post also comes with a unique piece of poetry or verse written expressly for that entry. We hope you will feel energized and calmed by the time you reach the end of one of our blog entires.

The Kitties Behind Love Those Kitties!

As a life-long cat lover myself, I've been blessed to have known very many furry friends over years. When I was growing up, my family lived in a rural part of Arizona. For some reason, people thought it was a great place to abandon their unwanted cats! They naturally gravitated to our place -- a safe place where they could get water and food while staying away from both the highway and the wild areas. At times, we cared for a tribe of as many as 20 outside cats!

Now I'm an adult with my own family, and we live in the city and have indoor-only cats. Yet one thing remains the same: all have been rescued. Our current feline friends include:


This black-and-white tuxedo cat has wrapped his paws around our hearts. He's a cat with a strong sense of self, and he's become an indispensable part of our household. We found Minky when he was about a month old. We had just had an early dinner at a local barbeque restaurant and were walking out to our car. I heard the unmistakable sound of a kitten in distress. I looked around and spotted a black and white fuzzball peeping out from under a clump of ornamental grass in the parking lot. It was early September in Houston, and a very hot day. The little kitten had lumps of asphalt melted onto the bottoms of his paws, and the inside of his mouth was red from dehydration and heat stress. Now he has a forever home with us, and we're so happy to have this incredible cat.


When Minky was about nine months old, we were enjoying a pleasant April day in the living room with the windows open. We have screens on all the windows, and Minky loves breathing in the "outside air" while reclining on the window ledge. But Minky! What happened to your voice? What a deep-throated meow you've acquired! Oops, that wasn't Minky at all. On the other side of the screen was a sorriest long-hair cat I'd ever seen. Really, he couldn've been a commerical for an intensive split-end therapy. He looked like a haystack on legs! The kitty ran a little away from the house, and that's when we saw what was upsetting him. The grackles in our front yard had a nest with eggs in it, and they mightily objected to a carnivore coming so close to their abode. The big, black birds were dive-bombing this to-them unwelcome cat. And that's how cat #2 came into our family. We named him Radagast. Now, properly fed and cared for, he's a sleek and healthy cat with luxurious and abundant fur that's admired by all. He's a lap cat who purrs even when your foot accicentally bumps into him as you walk past. He and Minky are nearly inseparable.


When we first saw Naomi, we thought she was a nearly-grown kitten. That's the size of her frame. When we later took her to a vet, we learned she was at least three years old. My husband was the first to catch sight of Naomi when she came around our house -- she was sitting outside the window of his upper-story office. He and Minky got a good view of the cat as she sat on the part of the roof that covers our back porch. Several days later, we saw the kitty catching -- and instantly eating -- a mouse that happened to be running about in our garden. That told us something right there, because most owned cats will catch mice for fun but still prefer to eat wet food. Even if they do eat the mouse, they usually play with it a bit first. The cat kibble we placed in the back yard instantly disappeared in a manner that made the cat appear to be part vacuum cleaner! When we brought her into the house, we discovered evidence she had spent an extended time outside -- an abscessed wound on her back and the inevitable tapeworms. Enter cat number three -- Naomi. She's now a healthy and pampered lap cat with a decided preference for Pounce. She won't even nibble on Temptations!

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