Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Ending: Escaped Cat Comes Home Four Years Later!

Above: Cats are well-known as escape artists
Illustration by Laura Valentine and originally published 1865. This public domain work is courtesy of Reusable Art.

One thing about kitties: they're veritable escape artists! At our house, we humans must work as a team to keep our furry friends from rushing out the door every time we go out or come in. Two of our three kitties have been unfortunate enough to get out and then spend a night outside when we couldn't find them again before dark. I was distraught that I might never see them again. Fortunately, when morning came, our AWOL kitties were waiting outside the front door and were very happy to get back in.

Compared to one woman in New Hampshire, my brief distress was nothing. Her adorable cat, Fuzzy, was missing for four years! According to news coverage, Michele Wright thought Fuzzy had been run over by a car after escaping, and she went through the full mourning process for her feline friend. But little did she know that Fuzzy was alive and well, wandering the streets of the nearby city of Dover. Fortunately for Fuzzy, he was eventually taken in by the Cocheco Valley Humane Society. The shelter chose Fuzzy for an in-store adoption program, and Michele just happened to come into that pet store the very same day Fuzzy was up for adoption!

The staff in the pet store reports that Michele was insistent that the rescued cat was her cat. She came back the next day with photos of Fuzzy, and she was also able to identify a unique mark on the bottom of Fuzzy's paw. Everyone agreed -- the rescued cat was indeed the missing Fuzzy! Michele filled out the paperwork to officially adopt Fuzzy, and she paid the adoption fee to cover the updated shots her kitty had received at the shelter. Fuzzy now sports a microchip that can be scanned should he ever show his escape artist tendencies again! Here's a poem inspired by the happy ending Fuzzy and Michele are enjoying:

Inside Cat
By Cathryn Chaney © 2014

Inside Cat, I see your paws twitch
As you lie on the window ledge
And eye the sparrows with extreme desire.
You tell me that you are a
That is forced to drive
In slow circles around the
Parking lot of a grocery store.
You ask how I can be so heartless.
But it was my heart that broke
When you tried being Outside Cat that night.
And you sounded more like a
Moped, cat, as you meowed in the grey dawn
To get back in.
You don't even like sparrow.

If you want to see some adorable footage of Michele and Fuzzy, try this YouTube link.

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